Warning Signs of Rental Property AC Problems

rental propertyIf you own a beach rental property, you know that this is the time of year that the air conditioning system gets its biggest workout. Tenants will crank down the thermostat because, well, they do not have to pay the electricity bill. When this happens, an AC system can become overtaxed and start to malfunction. Here are some of the more common signs that something is going wrong.

Lack of Cool Air

One of the most common complaints a rental property tenant will have is a lack of cool air in the unit. If the system is turned on full blast and it is still not getting cool enough, that could be a sign the compressor has failed. However, it could also be a lack of coolant.

Weak Air Flow

If you notice a lack of air flow coming through the vents, that could also be a sign of a compressor issue. But it may also be due to something blocking the duct system. Have a professional check your ducts to make sure they have not become obstructed by debris.

Strange Sounds

Any sort of grinding, grating or squealing sound coming from a rental property AC unit could mean that a belt has slipped or a metal part needs to be lubricated. Or, it could mean that bearings within the motor have broken.

Odd Odors

If your air conditioning system is emitting foul odors, that is typically a sign that the wire insulation has burned. If it is a musty smell, that could mean mold has accumulated within the ductwork.

Proper air conditioning maintenance is a must for any rental property to extend the lifespan of the unit and reduce repair costs. You could handle this yourself, or you could off-load this and many other types of hassles by hiring a rental property management company such as Quest Management Group. Contact us online or call (904) 900-2022 to learn more.