Important Tips Resolving Tenant Complaints Peacefully

As a property owner, you will inevitably receive tenant complaints. Now, this usually doesn’t end in a fight or anything troublesome. But it’s also not uncommon for things to escalate and get messy. As the owner, you have the power to steer clear of trouble depending on how you respond and resolve the issue. There are several ways to handle these complaints to help you avoid conflict and keep your tenants happy. 

To help ensure that there’s no trouble for you or others, here are a few simple tips to resolve tenant complaints peacefully:

Be Accessible

As the owner, you have to be accessible to your tenants should they have any problems. Not being available to them or ignoring their complaints can make them feel like they’re not essential, and thus, they will be more likely to take it out on you. So when they make a complaint to you or the management, be sure to keep them updated on the progress and always reply to their emails and messages.

Be Open and Listen to the Complaint

It’s essential to treat your tenant’s complaint as valid. If you play the victim, it can make the tenant feel like it’s either their fault or just a big misunderstanding. Your response should be to validate that they have a valid complaint and that you understand why they are upset. This appears to be more empathetic and helps the tenant feel heard.

Show that you are open to listening. Let them know you want to understand the issue and how it can be resolved. You should also try to keep an open mind, though. The tenant may not always be 100 percent on the right.

Be Flexible and Agreeable

You must understand your tenant’s perspectives and try to satisfy them. Present your explanation and solution and show them you are willing to hear their side as well. This helps you remain calm and civil while they are upset.

This also helps them feel like they are being heard and understood. If they think you are unfair or deceptive, it will create more frustration and anger. Make the tenant feel that you are a fair and honest person who appreciates them as residents and wants them to be happy.

Take Action and Provide Solutions

Once the tenant has explained their complaint, try to understand their goals and objectives. Whether or not you agree with them, act appreciative and avoid being patronizing at all costs. They may be unreasonable, but it will end in an argument if you appear to be a condescending or disrespectful person.

If possible, come up with a solution that satisfies the tenant but doesn’t cost you too much. Be willing to make compromises and offer alternatives. You should also be willing to compromise and be flexible to find a solution that works for you and the tenant.

Respond in a Timely Manner

You should respond to tenant complaints in a timely manner. Whether a complaint about a noisy neighbor or a broken air conditioner, act quickly to resolve the problem. This makes the tenant feel as if you care about their issues and makes them aware of how serious you are about managing the property.

The Bottom Line

Managing a property can be a demanding job. Tenants complain, your schedule can get busy, and you may feel like you are always running around. However, it’s important to keep your head on and maintain peace with your tenants. Don’t let problems and complaints escalate – keep it dispassionate and be empathetic.

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