Tips on Keeping A Good Tenant in Your Property

Found a good tenant? Awesome! Now, it’s your job to be a good landlord in order to keep that good tenant. Just like you have expectations for your tenants, they have expectations of their landlords.

As a good landlord, you must create reasons for a good tenant to stay. You need to give your tenants respect, and a nice place to live, along with other incentives along the way.

For this article, our property management team at Quest Real Estate, LLC wanted to share some helpful tips on how you can maintain good tenants for as long as possible. However, if you do not have time to properly manage your building or tenants, you will likely lose your good tenants, which is a good sign you need a property management company to maintain healthy relationships with your tenants. Our team at Quest Real Estate can help you manage your rental property and communicate with clients

How to Keep a Good Tenant

  • Be friendly to tenants.
  • Be available to tenants, whether they call, email, or run into you on the property.
  • Send holiday or birthday notices/cards/announcements (if appropriate and applicable) to show tenants you care about them personally.
  • Create community events in the building to engage tenants to want to stay and be part of this community.
  • Respond to a tenant in a timely manner.
  • Give all tenants your contact information and working offers.
  • Give tenants an emergency number during off-duty hours.
  • Always let tenants know when you will be unavailable and give them information of a temporary person caring for the building.
  • Provide open and responsive communication if you up the rent or ask for more fees.
  • Write a simple, straightforward lease.
  • Maintain the rental property throughout the year.
  • Tackle problems on the property before they start/when they are small.
  • Check and test smoke detectors.
  • Offer renewal incentives (discounts on utilities, free month of rent/utilities, lower monthly rate, cash bonus, etc.)

Looking for Houses to Buy or Rent in Jacksonville, Florida?

If keeping a good tenant was easy, no landlord would ever have a bad tenant! Being a property owner/landlord is a big undertaking, especially if you own multiple properties or have another job.

If you’re unable to keep up with tenant relations or the maintenance of the building, you need the help of a property management company who can focus all its attention on your tenants and property. The property manager will do all the tips listed above as part of their duties. In fact, our team at Quest Real Estate can even find you the best tenants.

As a Jacksonville property management company, we are effective at managing the tasks for property owners when it comes to tenants such as collecting rent, dealing with the preparation of leases, marketing a property, and scheduling maintenance. Our experts at Quest have decades of experience in working with tenants.

Our goal is to keep your spaces filled with good-quality tenants. You don’t only benefit from a good tenant, we do too!

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