5 Creative Tips for Filming a Video Tour of Your Rental

In recent years, in-person tours of rental properties have become less and less common, in favor of virtual tours. Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular since they make it easy for prospective tenants to develop a connection with the property, which photographs cannot deliver.

Here’s how you can get started on filming a great video tour of your rental property. A smartphone and some editing skills are all you need.

1) Film in Natural Light 

Natural light is the best light – it’s how we used to photograph properties before the invention of the artificial lightbox. Filming in natural light allows you to capture the true colors of the property, and makes it easy to adjust the video’s white balance in the editing process.

On the other end, a video shot in the artificial light of your office will be much harder to adjust. As a result, your video could either be too dark or too light.

2) Find the Right Mode to Film In

Most smartphones offer various video modes. These include landscape, portrait, and “reversed portrait” modes. Depending on the device you are using, you can try out each one to see which one you like best.

Landscape mode has the subject in the center of the frame, which is good if you want to use the entire width of the frame to capture everything.

3) Don’t Leave Anything Out

One of the most common mistakes new video creators make is showing the front of the property at the beginning, only to cut to the property’s back and sides when you get to the backyard.

You want to avoid this mistake. Remember, this is an in-person tour, and your viewers will want to see all aspects of the property, not just part of it.

A good strategy is to start off the video by showing the front of the property and then pan the camera to the right to reveal the backyard. You can always edit the camera movement in editing.

4) Keep It Short and Sweet

If you are just starting out, you should plan to keep your video short. As a general rule of thumb, your video shouldn’t be more than three minutes long.

While you might be tempted to include lots of information about the property, keep in mind that videos are a lot more effective if you keep the viewer engaged. Most viewers will want to view the whole tour to get all the information, so it’s better to keep the tour short, and then provide more information on the listing.

5) Highlight Your Best Features

What sets your property apart from the competition? What will make a prospective tenant interested in it?

These are the questions that you need to answer by the time you finish filming. If you have a great backyard, make sure you show it in the video. If you have a great view, or a convenient location, make sure you mention it in the video.


Video tours are an emerging trend in real estate, but they are only becoming more and more popular. These days, even the biggest real estate companies in the world use video tours of their rental properties.

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