Things to Think About Before Evicting a Tenant

Eviction. No one wants to deal with an eviction, whether you’re the tenant or the landlord. It’s best to avoid an eviction at all costs. Evictions can make a tenant homeless and be costly for a landlord. Evictions can be difficult, and they are a legal process.

The legal proceedings involved with an eviction can be expensive and take a long time. If you are a landlord who manages your property alone, handing an eviction and your building can become overwhelming. Because of this, many landlords choose to work with a property management company to evict tenants.

Evicting a tenant may sound easier than it truly is. There are lots of requirements to evictions and you need to know all the rules in order to win your case (as a landlord) and not pay fees. You want to make sure your lease complies with Florida’s state laws. If your lease doesn’t comply to state laws, your tenant can have more advantages than you. Stick to using a standard lease with all tenants.

Before an eviction, you should also review the state of Florida’s Landlord-Tenant Act. This act will detail how to evict tenants. Your eviction notice is dependent on what type of lease your tenant has. Your written notices can be provided later than 30 days prior to eviction, such as seven days in advance, but you need a compelling reason for the eviction; and, this should be vetted by legal counsel. Some reasons for eviction include property damage, property disturbance, property health hazards, and failure to pay rent.

Make sure you have a valid, documented reason for evicting a tenant. If you need to evict your tenant, you need to provide proof of them violating the lease.

Make sure you have all the right documents in place – this varies state by state. If you work with a property management company, you can save time since they will gather all the proper documents for you and make sure you are not liable for anything. The property management company will also initiate and proceed with tenant evictions.

When it comes to evictions, there is a lot to think about and have in order. It may be truly helpful for you to work with professionals during the eviction process and not alone. A property management group has experience and expertise in handling evictions and can give you the best chance at winning your eviction case or avoiding a court case.

Work with a Jacksonville Property Management Company

Since 1985, Quest Real Estate has been offering property management services in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We’ve managed hundreds of properties and we understand the challenges that come with tenant eviction. As a property management company, we communicate with tenants regularly and work to avoid and resolve tenant conflicts.

A property management company, like our team at Quest Real Estate, specializes in running and managing the day-to-day tasks of a rental property for you. As a Jacksonville property management company, we are effective, knowledgeable, and experienced at managing a building,  finding and keeping tenants, and handling tenant disputes and evictions. Our experts have more than 20 years of combined experience in managing properties.

Want more reasons to work with us? Here are the benefits of working with a property management company.

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