The Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

If you are the landlord or owner of a property, you know it can be a full-time job. Some landlords prefer to be hands-on while others do not prefer to deal with late-night or weekend emergencies, maintenance calls or building and rent management. As the owner of the building, your ability to manage the building depends on the time you have available and your interests. If you have other properties, have another job, or don’t live near the property, it may be extremely hard for you to manage the property – this is where a property management company comes in.

A property management company is the middle man between you and the tenants and can deal with day-to-day operations and all monthly management of the property. Hiring a property management company is your best bet if management cannot fit your schedule or lifestyle.

At Quest Real Estate, LLC we offer residential, commercial and beach property management services. Our services include: preparation of leases and required addendums, 24-hour emergency maintenance coordination, collections of rent and other payments, direct deposit of rents, pictures of spaces, property inspections, marketing and advertising on MLS, realty sites, and more.

Reasons to Hire A Property Manager

For this article, we wanted to share with you benefits of using and working with a property management company:

  • Screening the tenants – Property management companies see many applications and are trained to tell who a potential problem may be. You are likely to have quality, reliable tenants through a management company’s screening process.
  • Being the middleman – Whether it’s a maintenance issue, a tenant dispute, or a lock out, a property management company can address these issues 24/7. You will not have to deal with calls or emails about any issues, especially if it is not easy for you to get to the property.
  • Keeping tenants – Property managers aim to keep good tenants happy, so they will renew their leases. Property managers communicate and act effectively and promptly with tenants, so the tenants are less likely to move. Managers work to build relationships with the tenants
  • Receiving rent – A property management company will deal with collecting the monthly rent. If a tenant consistently fails to pay, the company knows the proper steps to deal with the situation (even If it leads to eviction).
  • Keeping you from financial and legal problems – Property managers are education on landlord-resident laws and residents rights. They are well-versed in processes, safety issues, leasing disclosures, discrimination, late feels, licenses, permits, access for inspection and more. With this knowledge, a property manager can keep you from hefty eviction costs, or other legal fees and problems.
  • Keeping spaces full – Property managers work hard to make sure your property does not have vacant spaces, which would cost you (and them) money.
  • Keeping you informed – Property managers will let you know all the complaints and issues that have occurred on your property, as well as keep you informed about income, expenses, and requests.
  • Giving you freedom – If you want more free time or are retired, a property management company allows you to spend more leisurely time doing the things you love without worrying about your property.
  • Helping you stress and worry less – When you aren’t dealing with the daily management of your property, you will have less to worry and stress about as everything is being taken care of for you.

Work with a Jacksonville Property Management Company

Many landlords and homeowners seek out the help of a property management company after dealing with a bad tenants or legal fees.  The cost of one bad decision could more than off-set the cost of hiring a professional manager to help you avoid the pitfalls of owning rental property.

A property management company can make the rental and management process easy you. As a landlord, if you want quality tenants who you don’t have to manage, it’s time you hire a property management company for your property or properties. Less stress, and more successful returns on your investment!

Our Jacksonville property management company, Quest Real Estate, LLC, has decades of experience managing all the tasks listed above while leaving property owners with peace of mind. We have an intimate knowledge of the Jacksonville rental and sales markets and a commitment to making owners as successful as possible.

If you’re looking for a property management company in Jacksonville, Fl, let Quest Real Estate work with  you. Email us today or call 904-373-9171 for more information.