The Benefits of Property Management Services

Owning a property is rewarding and provides additional income, but it is also a lot of work. There are a lot of day-to-day responsibilities many new owners don’t realize. Your building and tenants need your attention whether it’s a maintenance issue, tenant arguments, late rent, upkeep, and so on. If you own multiple properties or live far from your property, it can become even more of a hassle to properly manage your building. If you own a building and think you cannot manage it fully, this is the best time to consider hiring a property management company.

As a property management company in Jacksonville, Florida, we wanted to share with you some benefits of hiring a property manager to help you.

  • A property management company screens out problem tenants through a thorough process.
  • This manager/company acts as the point of contact for all tenant concerns, whether it’s a repair, noise complaint, or tenant disagreements.
  • This company knows how to market your rentals/property and attract quality tenants.
  • A good property management company can decrease tenant turnover because they know how to keep tenants happy.
  • This company is motivated to make sure rent is paid on time. The company will enforce lease policies if payments are not received. If payment is not received over time, property management companies know how to start and go through the eviction process.
  • Property management companies know all landlord-tenant laws and fair housing laws, which can help you avoid any lawsuits.
  • Property management companies have discounts for maintenance services.
  • This company allows you to stress less, have more time, and have fewer commitments to worry about.

Now, those are general benefits of a property management company, but we also want to share the benefits of working with us at Quest Real Estate, LLC.

  • We are effective at managing the tasks for property owners such as collecting rent, preparing leases, and marketing the property.
  • We are experts and have an intimate knowledge of the Jacksonville real estate market and area.
  • We have decades of experience in managing tasks for property owners.
  • We focus on cost-efficiency and tenant retention.
  • We offer tenant placement services such as background and credit checks and making sure leases comply with all applicable ordinances.
  • We process applications, collect and distribute security deposits, and conduct walk-throughs and showings.

Work with a Jacksonville Property Management Company

Since 1985, Quest Real Estate has been offering property management services in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We’ve managed hundreds of properties and we understand what it takes to manage a building and develop relationships with tenants. As a property management company, we communicate with tenants regularly.

A property management company, like our team at Quest Real Estate, specializes in running and managing the day-to-day tasks of a rental property for you. As a Jacksonville property management company, we are effective, knowledgeable, and experienced at managing a building, finding and keeping tenants, and handling tenant disputes and evictions. Our experts have more than 20 years of combined experience in managing properties.

Want more reasons to work with us? Here are even more benefits of working with a property management company.

If you’re in the market for a Jacksonville property management company  to manage your property, let Quest Real Estate help you! Email us or call 904-373-9171