Reasons Why Tenants Move

As a landlord, you need to be aware of all the common reasons why people move. These reasons could help you better attract tenants, keep tenants, or improve upon your property.

At Quest Real Estate, LLC., we’ve worked with hundreds of tenants and landlords throughout the years through our real estate sales and property management services, so we know and understand the reasons and explanations as to why people want or need to move. Below, we’ve shared some of the most common reasons why tenants/renters choose to move.

Age – There are certain age groups looking to rent more than others. College-age kids and empty nesters tend to want to rent, as they don’t need as much space or have as many needs as people with growing households.

Life changes – Laid off. New job. Divorce. Sick relative. Pregnancy. New relationship. All of these reasons fall under a major life chance that can cause people to want to leave or enter into a new rental property.

Life improvements – In today’s age, people are looking for properties that add more value to their life and fit their lifestyles, whether that’s an onsite fitness center, pool, café, etc.

Safety – When looking for a place to live, safety is most people’s top priority.  Living in a safe house is important for renters. People are looking for places that are in low-crime-rate neighborhoods, that have security guards, security cameras, and more.

Quality – People want to live somewhere they are proud of. If they live in a space that is not taken care of, they may be disgusted and embarrassed and no longer want to live there.

Landlord – People want a landlord/owner/property management company that cares about and listens to their needs/problems. If there are issues that never get addressed or fixed, a tenant will go elsewhere, so they can live in a place where they get situations handled in a timely fashion.

There are many reasons renters move, and they all make a lot of sense. As a landlord, you want to create a space for tenants that makes them want to stay. Offer different-sized units at different prices. Offer and add amenities. Be prompt with responded to tenant questions or problems. Keep up the property. Work with tenants to try and keep them. Remember, the above reasons will not only help you keep tenants, they will help you attract new tenants faster and easier, as well.

Work with a Jacksonville Property Management Company

If you need help managing your property, a property management company can help you with the day-to-day responsibilities. At Quest Real Estate, LLC we have years of experience working with tenants and their unique situations and we can help you find ways to keep and attract new tenants.

Our property management experts are will communicate with tenants throughout the lifetime of their lease . Our Jacksonville property management team develops a close relationship with tenants.

With our aggressive marketing, advertising, property showings and background checks, we will find you great tenants. As a property management company, we prepare leases, have 24-hour emergency maintenance, collect rent, and more. We will work with you to find ways to better serve your tenants and attract new ones.

If you’re looking for a Jacksonville property management company  to manage your property or find you tenants, let Quest Real Estate help you!

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