Showing an Occupied Rental: 5 Simple Strategies to Try

Before you may begin looking for a new renter, your tenant must tell you of their intention to leave. This provides you more time to find the perfect rental tenant and helps reduce vacant times when no rent is coming in. It is vital to begin advertising the rental as soon as possible.

Most prospective renters will want to see the rental space before deciding whether or not it is acceptable for them. However, it may be challenging to exhibit the home until your present tenant has moved out. Showing an inhabited apartment offers residents a realistic picture of their lives in that place.

Let us now take a look at five simple strategies to help show a property with tenants:

1. Reduce Vacancy Period

You should get tenants to provide you with written notice as soon as possible. If a tenant gives you a two-month notice, you’ll have four months to find a new tenant for the vacant unit.

You should start advertising right after the tenant gives you their notice to reduce the wait in that four-month timeframe. It helps when you have a property manager who would begin marketing and showing the property right away to find a new tenant quickly.

Your property manager will be able to find a suitable tenant quickly. They’ll advertise the property in several ways to ensure that many prospective tenants get to know about the rental unit.

2. Manage the Move-out Process

Managing the move-out process helps you avoid any possible issues with the tenant. As soon as the tenant gives you their notice, set up a meeting to review some vital information about the move-out process. Your meeting can include:

  • Getting the tenant’s contact details.
  • Make a note of their moving-out date.
  • Setting up a unit inspection.

Furthermore, you can write a checklist of things to do, including a final property inspection and getting the deposit out of the unit. If your tenant is late on their move-out date, you can take legal action.

3. Provide Access to the Property

You can provide access to the rental unit to show it while it is still occupied. This will give the tenant a sense of what it would be like to live in the unit. It will allow your tenants to take measurements to determine if it’s suitable for their needs.

You must contact your landlord so that they can provide your tenant with access if you don’t have access to the unit. The landlord needs to obtain the tenant’s written consent before allowing them access to the unit.

On the other hand, you don’t need the tenants’ consent if the landlord allows access to repairs, maintenance, or inspection.

4. List What You Need to Do

When you’re showing your rental unit, there are many things to ensure that the process runs smoothly. For example, you’ll list what you need to do before, during, and after the showing of your rental unit.

Therefore, write down a list of everything you need to ensure a smooth showing of the rental. The list can include the following:

  • Make sure the apartment is neat and clean. 
  • Check that any personal items have been removed.
  • Make sure the property is in good shape.
  • Check to see if the property has been well-kept. Check that you haven’t missed anything, such as missing objects, furniture, or even decor.

5. Preparing the Unit for Showings

Prepare the rental unit for showing by ensuring it is tidy and clean. This will give prospective tenants an accurate idea of what living in the space will be like. You are likely to attract more prospective tenants by creating an excellent first impression in your advertising.

However, avoid using strong-smelling air fresheners or cleaning agents as they can affect a prospective tenant’s impression. You should also know that using strong-smelling air fresheners or cleaning agents can be illegal when showing a property.


The above effective ways help you manage the move-in and move-out process better. Taking the time to prepare your rental property can reduce the vacancy periods and help you manage your tenant’s move-out better.

In the end, this can help you reduce your vacancy periods and help to improve your rental income. Furthermore, you can easily find a new tenant for your rental property with the help of a property manager.

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