Steps to Help You Manage Your Property from a Distance

Being a long-distance landlord may be difficult. Not only do you not understand what’s going on in real-time, but you also have no method of resolving the situation on your own. You’ll need to rely on long-distance conversations, virtual meetings, and other ways to manage your property successfully.

Managing a single-family rental might be difficult, but driving it long-distance can be near impossible unless you have standardized methods in place. In this article, we’ll go through how to manage your rental property from a distance properly.

Get a Reliable Property Manager

Whether you live a mile or hundreds of miles away from your rental property, you must check, maintain, and repair it with the assistance of a competent property management company. 

There are several benefits of property management. They will be the guardians of your real estate investment, ensuring that it is well-maintained 365 days a year. Not only that, but they will also choose the best renters, address any problems or complaints they may have, and much more.

Start Networking

If you have no contacts in your rental market, it’s now time to begin networking. Local connections might help to alleviate the burden of being away from your rental home. 

By establishing a network of contacts, you may ensure that your renters are not wholly in the dark in times of need since they can always rely on your local connections.

Conduct Strict Tenant Screening

Because you won’t be able to deal with tenant issues immediately, choosing reputable renters from the outset is essential. Remember that you must commit your property to tenants you know you can rely on. You should not leave it to renters whom you believe to be trustworthy.

Each renter should complete a rental application as part of the screening procedure. This will enable you to do various checks, including background, criminal record, employment, and others. Remember to contact their references, such as their employers, to confirm that they are indeed employed.

Use Online Payments

Because you won’t be able to collect payments in person, set up online payments using a tenant portal. Your tenants can keep track of their rent and pay it on time. You’ll also be able to see real-time rental payments. Furthermore, allowing renters to pay online eliminates the need to follow up on their payments and ensure your books are in order.

Whether you’re working with a property management firm, find out if they offer a tenant portal that your renters can use. The site should be simple to use for renters who aren’t tech-savvy.

Have a Network of Repair and Maintenance Suppliers

You won’t be able to attend to repairs, maintenance, and other tasks personally, but you can build a network of approved vendors that can. If your renters file a repair report, you can quickly rely on your vendors to remedy the issue. Even if you are a long distance away, you will be able to solve these concerns. 

For example, if a tenant reports that their heater is broken, you may contact your HVAC repair technician to get it repaired as soon as possible.


Running a long-distance property might come with its own unique set of issues. However, you can overcome them by relying on reputable property management companies, strict tenant screening, and the assistance of a network of service providers.

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