How to Redirect Tenant Calls to Your Property Manager – Our Guide

Working with an agency or firm to manage your property professionally is an excellent investment. When you have someone else to take care of your property, you have more time to spend as you like and take care of other tasks.

However, relying on property managers doesn’t mean that your tenants will be perfectly happy or that you are free from all your responsibilities. You are still the owner, after all, and your tenants will reach out and call you for any of their concerns.

There are several reasons that they might want to speak to you directly, and we’ll go over a few examples in the sections below.

The Reasons for Calling You

There are a variety of reasons your tenants might need you. Whether their intentions are harmless or not, it’s important for you to understand the possible reasons so that you can deal with them more effectively.

 1. They are more comfortable with you

Some tenants go to you simply because they know you from the previous contact. In a sense, they are more comfortable sharing their concerns with you instead of going to the property manager, who they might not be familiar with.

 2. They’re unhappy with the property managers

Some tenants might be unhappy with how the property manager treats them. They might also believe that they can more easily get what they want by speaking to you than with management. For example, they might have received a notice to pay or leave and wanted to negotiate with you instead.

 3. They want a new deal

Sometimes, property managers simply don’t have the authority to negotiate on your behalf. As the owner of the property, it is usually up to you to decide whether contract-related requests are approved or denied. Even if you do give your manager that power, they would still have to consult with you before taking action, so a tenant going directly to you usually does so to save time.

How to Redirect Their Concerns to the Property Manager

Is it right for you to address the problems by yourself? For the most part, the answer is no! The reason you hire a property manager is so that they can take care of tenant concerns for you. 

If a tenant calls you, you can politely ask them to contact property management instead. Give your tenant the contact information they need, and let your manager know to expect a call. 

For situations where you want to get involved, you may take the property manager with you to deal with the tenant together. That way, all parties will know what to do and who to contact in case another concern comes up.


To summarize, tell your tenants that property managers are there to take care of their concerns. Taking things on by yourself can cause you a lot of unnecessary trouble, whether it be in the form of anxiety and stress or more serious legal problems.

Remember, you have hired property managers for a reason, and you must remind yourself and your tenant that all property-related concerns should be directed to the right people.

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