Finding the Right Tenants Made Easy

The decision to invest in rental properties is a big one. It’s a major investment that you will essentially be trusting to strangers to care for with only a paper contract binding them. It can be a nerve wracking experience especially for a new landlord and property owner.

Finding the right tenants is key.

Finding the Right Tenants Made EasyIt takes time to place ads, list, sort through applications, incoming phone messages and voice mails, check references, and meet with prospective live ins. You want to find someone who will care for the home or property as if it was their own as well as make rental payments as agreed upon in a timely manor.

While this should be common courtesy, these days, it is not. Morals and code of conduct in this society are not always what they used to be and sometimes property owners unwittingly allow in a less than desirable tenant who does not care properly for the property allowing it to fall into disrepair which can devalue it or even fall behind on payments.

In Florida whether it is a residential or commercial property if you happen to get a non cooperative tenant in order to release yourself from them and remove them from your property you must enact eviction proceedings. For residential evictions it can take several weeks to months if contested and in commercial evictions it can go to trial and take a month or longer. In either case even if you win and are awarded the eviction and they are removed by the sheriff you may be left with a costly mess to clean up and or damages and repairs.

The best option is to avoid this potential hassle all together.

This is where working with a professional real estate company such as Quest Real Estate, LLC. up front taking full advantage of their years of experience in the area of tenant placement services can give you the edge you are looking for. It takes away the pressure and hassle of having to find, prequalify and screen.

Placement services make your business proceedings smooth sailing.

Not only can Quest’s agents find the perfect tenants, get them qualified, contracted and signed, they are there before hand to help you prepare the property to make sure you can fetch top dollar based on local market analysis, renting in the quickest time frame possible.

You do not have to waste your own time with showings. Quest handles it for you. Prospective tenants receive professional showings and if needed open houses can be scheduled.

Once a tenant is chosen, a lease and all paperwork is handled in compliance with state and city ordinances. A meeting between the landlord and the new tenant is held to review documents to make sure every one agrees and is happy with the terms and conditions.

Our team at Quest Real Estate, LLC, knows the city’s residents and atmosphere well. Contact us here at Quest Real Estate, LLC, or call call 904-373-9171, if you are a property owner who would like to get a leg up on finding the ideal tenants for your properties.