4 Effective Maintenance Must-Do’s for Rental Properties

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In one way or another, you have probably heard this from people with a wealth of experience. Though it sounds like a legitimate guiding principle, this should not be the case for landlords and owners when maintaining a rental property. The truth is, you need to put your best foot forward in maintaining your rental spaces. If not, you may run into trouble you could have avoided in the first place.

If you are a rental owner with such a mindset, it’s time to rethink this strategy. It’s important to keep your rental spaces well-maintained for current and future tenants. Even if you opt for do-it-yourself property management, you need to put in the work.

As renters are on the lookout for the coziest spaces defined by well-lit, spacious rooms, clean walls, ceilings, and floors, and overall, a well-maintained unit, you have to be diligent when maintaining your rental property. If you’re missing some of these qualities, you might have to wait forever for new tenants to rent a unit.

To save you time, here are some practical tips to help you maintain your rental properties.

Most Effective Ways to Maintain a Rental Property

1. Look for Good Tenants

Prevention is better than cure. How do you avoid problematic tenants? Choose the good ones, the tenants you think will take care of your rental property, and follow your rules and guidelines when occupying the unit. 

The best way to identify good tenants is to look into their rental background and ask for referrals and feedback from previous landlords. Having good tenants will save you from frequent repairs as they take good care of your property.

2. Implement Regular Maintenance Checks

Inspection and repair should be done as a routine, not just every once in a while or when necessary. Through regular maintenance checks, both the owner and the renter are kept informed about the condition of the property’s fixtures and amenities. 

To make this task easier, the owner can set up a maintenance schedule by servicing each part of the house or property one at a time. These tasks can be conducted weekly, monthly, quarterly, or biannually.

3. Hire Capable Contractors

In this practical guide, the first thing you were told to do to maintain your rental property effectively is to choose your tenants. This time, you still need to be choosy in terms of dealing with your hired laborers for repair and maintenance. 

Do not settle for less. Choose contractors who are skilled, affordable, and with thorough work experience. Additionally, make sure that they are just one call away whenever you need them.

4. Modify Your Lease Agreement

Even after choosing the best tenants to occupy your rental space, you are still not guaranteed problem-less property maintenance. It is best to include a maintenance clause in your lease agreement to save you from potential maintenance issues that may arise in the future. 

When the renters are aware that they will shoulder the expenses for any incurred repair costs, they will take the initiative to care for the property without being reminded over and over again.


Maintaining a rental property is no easy task. But through the tips mentioned above, you will be assured that your rental unit is well-maintained and is in perfect condition. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your rental property needs, you can call a professional property management company to help!

With proper maintenance and a strategic ad post, your rental units are sure to be occupied with the best tenants. If you are in need of tenant placement services or other residential property management services in Jacksonville, FL, Quest Real Estate is here to help. Contact our experts today!