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Have You Always Dreamed Of Living At The Beach?

When it comes to making the decision to buy or rent a home in order to settle down there are a ton of considerations not the least of which is location. If you are considering the Jacksonville area you would be remiss if you didn’t at least consider properties in the Jacksonville Beach area.

These water front beach homes and water front adjacent homes are showstoppers.

This region of the world is unique its far enough south to have a tropical flair – palm trees and hot balmy summers but north enough of the equator that you do experience a bit of a seasonal change and even a cool to cold winter spell. There is nothing quite like being able to walk out your back door and breathe in fresh salty air.

Real estate in this area ranges from simple to extravagant depending on price range and taste.

Working with a real estate company like Quest can save you time, especially if you are not familiar with the area. We represent property owners from all over the country. We manage and handle their individual or group properties for them saving them time and hassle, streamlining the process for all parties involved. Finding the perfect home whether you are currently in the the market to rent or buy can be challenging to say the least.

Features common to homes in the Jacksonville Beach, Riverside, San Marco areas


Reasons to love Jacksonville

If you are a “Foodie” this might just be your haven! With so may amazing restaurants it seems more and more are popping up every month.

Location – you are within driving distance from Atlanta, Miami, Naples, and Orlando.

There is no shortage of employment, ringing in at only 4% which is far lower than the national average there is a high standard of living which helps support the entire Jacksonville economy, mood, and mindset.

The beaches! – Water views and access are abundant in this area especially if you opt for a waterfront home.

The arts – Jacksonville loves and supports the arts. Festivals, galleries, boutiques, you name it they have it.

There are endless perks of living in this area and your real estate agent can help you find exactly where it is that you fit in the best within your budget.

If you have something in a home you are specifically looking for or a certain area we love to play personal shopper. Give us your wish list and let us work on making your dream become a reality for you.

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