Do You Need a Professional Property Manager?

After diving head-first into the experience of owning and making money with a rental property, you’ve likely learned many lessons over time. With every tenant you get and each decision you make, the nuances of the property management process become easier to deal with, thanks to your cumulative experience. From the importance of collecting rent on time to the impact of safety on tenant retention, most of the knowledge you have is gained through the transactions you’ve made along the way. 

At this point, you’re probably convinced that you’re doing a pretty good job at ensuring that your renters are happy and you are getting a significant return on your investment. However, the effort and time needed to keep things running smoothly have you convinced that property management is not quite the passive activity that you expect it to be.

This brings us to a question: do you need a professional property manager?

How Do You Assess Your Property Management Needs?

In rental property ownership, landlords and owners alike must contemplate the possibility of letting someone else do the work for them. Whether it’s because there’s too much work to handle or you may no longer have the time you used to, the opportunity to let a professional take over is one you should consider. 

Understandably, hiring an expert like Quest Real Estate to manage your income-earning asset may seem like a solution to your confusion and stress. But do you need it?

To best understand whether hiring a professional property manager to take care of your property-related needs is a good idea or not, let’s go over some of the key details involved:

What Do Property Managers Do?

Because of the nature of their work, professional property managers are required to wear many different hats related to handling residential properties. A chosen manager’s responsibilities will ultimately depend on the exact need of n owner on top of the typical tasks associated with running and maintaining a rental property. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the standard tasks that property managers handle:

  • Day-to-day tasks such as finances, landscape scheduling, rent collection, handling tenant complaints, and the like
  • Maintenance work 
  • Finding tenants to fill up vacancies
  • Managing any legal issues or related concerns 
  • Overseeing renovations and capital improvements

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Property Management?

The services of a property manager present additional expenses, so you might be wondering if it’s worth paying a capable professional to handle your investment. Here are some reasons to do so:

Reason #1: You’re New to Managing Real Estate

Owning a rental property and successfully making money is a process littered with many complex details and time-consuming tasks. This is something new investors have difficulty adjusting to. If you’re new to real estate and don’t have time to deal with the steep learning curve, hiring a property manager can help you! 

Reason #2: Handling Property Isn’t Your Only Job

Buying a property to rent out to supplement your income may seem like a great idea at first, but it is a time-consuming venture that can be difficult to balance with your other obligations. With the help of a hired professional, you won’t need to worry about sacrificing your personal life or working yourself to the bone.

Reason #3: You Own Multiple Properties

To maximize the profit of your rental properties, the workload never gets easier, especially when you have multiple ones to handle. Fortunately, you don’t need an elaborate balancing act because outsourcing help can take the load off your shoulders.


As a residential rental property owner, you likely deal with seemingly endless tasks every day, week, month, and year—many of which can be difficult to keep up with as time goes on. When you seek the services of a property management company to help you out, you won’t have to worry about any of these small details.

Quest Real Estate is a residential property management company. We manage all our clients’ day-to-day operations, such as collecting rent, advertising, preparing leases, and many more management services with the highest efficiency and reliability. Contact our experts today!