Do-It-Yourself Property Management During and Post COVID-19

We are currently living in uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in uncharted territory and writing the rules as we go along. During this pandemic, many Americans are financially struggling as they have been laid off or furloughed due to the virus outbreak. Other people are struggling because their businesses have shut down until further notice.

Despite stimulus checks and unemployment, many people have yet to receive or collect any money, plus this money still cannot cover all bills and expenses.

People are struggling both mentally and physically. During this time, many states, cities, and landlords are making their own temporary laws about rent and repayment of rent because of COVID-19.

During this time, landlords and property managers should avoid tours of units to avoid the spread of the virus. It’s likely nor worth the exposure to show rental spaces. Late fees, interest, or penalties shouldn’t be charged during this pandemic.

A landlord or property manager can also sign a “promissory note” or a “promise to pay,” which is an arrangement where the landlord knows he/she will eventually get paid and the tenant won’t get evicted.

When it comes to maintenance in the building, it should occur as needed, especially emergencies, just aim to minimize people’s exposure to other people in close proximity.

If a tenant lost his/her job because of COVID-19 and wants to move out because they cannot pay his/her rent, you may want to work with this responsible tenant so that he/she can stay and pay you back once they can find work.

Now, to save money as a landlord during the COVID-19 situation, you can take on do-it-yourself property management. At Quest Real Estate, we offer this new and revolutionary type of property management service. We give property owners the option to pick and choose the level of involvement with their property. These options will help property owners save money and offset costs, while also delegating tasks they would like a property manager to handle during this tough times or post pandemic.

For a do-it-yourself property management service, a property owner can pick and choose the options he/she want us to help with including advertising, background checks, leases, rent collection, accounting, vendor dispatch, and legal things.

Looking for a Jacksonville Property Management Company?

As a Jacksonville property management company, our team at Quest Real Estate, LLC have worked with many property owners throughout the years, helping them in whatever ways they need us, including with tenants and their property.

We know these are tough times for both tenants and property owners and we want to help you navigate through this uncertain period.

At Quest Real Estate, we take pride in our quality property management services. We have a long history of providing residential property management company services to our customers. We are knowledgeable in local sales and rental markets, and we are ready to put that knowledge to work for you. Our main goals are to make you the most successful owner possible, and to provide you peace of mind knowing that your tenants and property will be well managed.

Don’t just take our word for it, read some testimonials about us and our property management services.

At Quest Real Estate, LLC, we have years of experience working with tenants and we can help you find ways to keep and attract new tenants so you can continue to grow your investment for years to come.

Our Jacksonville property management team prepares leases, has 24-hour emergency maintenance, collects rent, takes photos, aggressively markets your property, and more. We will work with you to find ways to better serve your tenants, attract new ones, and manage your property.

If you’re looking for a Jacksonville property management company  to manage your property or find you tenants, let Quest Real Estate help you!

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