Dealing with Tenant Conflicts? Here Are 3 Tips to Help

As a property owner, you’ve most likely seen your fair share of various challenges that are characteristic of the field of property management.

Whether it’s in the context of negotiating with lowball offers or keeping up to date with constant maintenance, the list of hurdles that you’re bound to encounter in the short and long term is nearly endless. But over time, no form of trouble will be as difficult to deal with as handling tenant complaints and conflicts. This begs the question: How do you effectively deal with such problems?

A common problem to overcome

To any experienced property owner, the importance of tenant relationships is paramount because of how it helps keep everything thriving and the stream of profit moving. However, there will always be moments where this general sentiment is challenged by a few reasonably disgruntled patrons that bring more trouble than a manager or owner is used to.

While you may have thought that the contracts you abide by are helpful for avoiding or ironing out any issues before they become even more intent, the truth is that such isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, complications, conflicts, and complaints arising from your tenants can put you in a tough spot because one wrong move can lead to even more contention and issues down the line that can waste your time and money! 

How do you deal with tenant conflicts in the best way possible? 

At this point, you’re likely on this article looking for a solution to a current tenant dispute that you’re facing since you don’t want to make costly mistakes. To help ensure that you manage a growing problem effectively without additional complications along the way, here are some key practices worth abiding by:

Tip #1: Seek to establish concerns before all else

The one mistake that owners often make when they get involved in tenant-related conflicts is that they get flustered and end up overlooking the need to clear things up before all else. 

When you fail to clear up the facts when a conflict arises, you will never find a solution that will quell a renter’s concerns because you aren’t aware of the problems they’re agitated by. By simply asking what the problem is and listening to your tenant, you’ll be able to figure out what you’ll have to remedy so that you don’t end up with any further problems. 

Tip #2: Address every person involved

If there’s something you definitely don’t want to do when resolving a tenant conflict is adding to the fire by singling out a person or party since doing so brings even more tension in an already stressful situation. 

Although you probably have a hunch of who’s causing the problems, it’s best to be impartial by addressing all parties involved, even if the blame isn’t evenly spread out. Regardless of who is causing the conflict or what your hunch is, it’s much better to let cooler heads prevail and deal with a problem by being fair with your assessment.

Tip #3: Let an expert handle things for you

In life, there are some things that can only be solved through experience and training, and one of them is tenant conflicts. Considering that dealing with such a situation can be every bit stressful and difficult to navigate, you’ll have a much better chance of ensuring that parties amicably settle their concerns by letting an expert like Quest Real Estate take over! 


Dealing with fired-up renters during a tenant conflict is one of the most stressful situations that you can deal with as a property owner. Yet, it’s also important to ensure that you practice the right tips to solve things properly. Through the help of the three key approaches mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that every concern that lands on your doorstep or desk is handled as best as possible! 

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