Dealing With a Problem Tenant

Dealing With a Problem TenantDealing with a problem tenant is probably the biggest challenge that an owner of a rental property can face, leading to an incredible amount of frustration and aggravation. Here are some ways to handle any issues that may arise.

Stay Professional

One of the most important things to remember when dealing with a problem tenant is to be as professional and courteous as you can be – even if the tenant behaves in the exactly opposite manner. You need to remember that you are running a business at all times. Try to build a relationship based on mutual respect from the beginning. Listen to your tenants whenever any types of repairs are needed, and fix any problems as fast as you can. If the tenant feels you are delaying unnecessarily, that can immediately breed resentment and mistrust.

Protect Yourself

Always make sure you have the proper insurance and keep meticulous records so that you are protected at all times. You need to be covered with the right policies to guard against damage to your building and contents. Also, maintain detailed records of all transactions with your tenants as well as correspondence – both formal and informal. You will need to have a record of any warnings you may have issued so you can refer to them in the future if that becomes necessary. Write down the details and dates of all phone conversations, for example, and keep copies of all letters and e-mails.

Preventing the Problem

One of the best ways to avoid dealing with a problem tenant is by thoroughly screening potential renters. You may want to rent your property quickly, but screening can help keep issues from cropping up. You will be much better off in the long run. Quest Management Group offers several residential property management services that will bring you the benefits of ownership without the hassles. Call (904) 373-9171 or contact us online to learn more.