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6 Benefits of Property Management to a Property’s Value

Property management is an excellent option if you want to leverage your time. With a good team, you will reap the benefits of having the property taken care of professionally. But did you know that property management goes beyond its short-term benefits? With exceptional property management, you can also boost property value. Here are the […]

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Common Responsibilities Property Managers Have to Do

A property manager is usually hired by a landlord or real estate investor to handle some or all of the daily responsibilities associated with their rental property. The property manager’s responsibilities can vary but typically include some or all of the following tasks:  Find good tenants: The property manager is responsible for finding good tenants. […]

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Steps to Help You Manage Your Property from a Distance

Being a long-distance landlord may be difficult. Not only do you not understand what’s going on in real-time, but you also have no method of resolving the situation on your own. You’ll need to rely on long-distance conversations, virtual meetings, and other ways to manage your property successfully. Managing a single-family rental might be difficult, […]

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Late-On-Rent Tenants: How to Deal with Them Appropriately

Late rent payments are the most frequent cause of conflict between landlords and tenants. Rent defaulters can cause various issues, including a reduction in your financial outlay and even legal troubles. Even if it happens accidentally, forgetting to pay rent is irresponsible and a breach of the lease. Having a policy in place to deal […]

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What Does Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment Mean

As a landlord, it’s essential to be familiar with the Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment. This federal law guarantees that every tenant in the country has the right to enjoy their rented property peacefully. If you don’t follow this law, you could face the consequences like your tenant vacating the property or suing you. Implied […]

College Students

A Guide on Renting Out Your Property to College Students

If you own rental property in a college town, you may want to consider renting it out. That’s because communities near colleges often have a high housing demand. After all, college students will want to look for affordable housing options off-campus. So, if you want to rent out your property to college students, here’s what […]

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7 Components of a Successful Property Management Firm

When picking the best property management company, you have many options, and you should not make this decision lightly. Choosing the correct property management firm might make the difference between a successful rental business and foreclosure. Because each property owner has different demands, there is no such thing as an ideal property manager. The most […]

Occupied Rental

Showing an Occupied Rental: 5 Simple Strategies to Try

Before you may begin looking for a new renter, your tenant must tell you of their intention to leave. This provides you more time to find the perfect rental tenant and helps reduce vacant times when no rent is coming in. It is vital to begin advertising the rental as soon as possible. Most prospective […]


5 Steps to Turning a Home into an Income-Generating Rental

Do you want to turn your house into a rental property? This can be an excellent approach to produce passive income and make more money in the long run. However, there are a few things you need to do before turning your home or apartment into a rental property. Before you begin, there are a […]

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5 Creative Tips for Filming a Video Tour of Your Rental

In recent years, in-person tours of rental properties have become less and less common, in favor of virtual tours. Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular since they make it easy for prospective tenants to develop a connection with the property, which photographs cannot deliver. Here’s how you can get started on filming a great video […]

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