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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Rental Meets Safety Requirements

Rental inspections safeguard not only your interests as a landlord but also those of your tenants. Landlords who spend a significant amount of effort ensuring renters’ safety minimize their overall stress.  Additionally, doing regular inspections and preventative maintenance will help detect early symptoms of deterioration in your property. Consequently, your rental homes will be well-maintained, […]

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All You Need to Know About Rental Occupancy Limits and Standards

To make all leased properties safe and habitable, landlords must create and enforce certain policies and guidelines for their tenants. The scope can include regular maintenance and inspection, applicant screening, strict security monitoring, among others. And one of the most important things that a landlord can establish in their properties is rental occupancy standards. Most […]

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Should You Offer Month-To-Month Leases as a Landlord?

Landlords renting out their property can decide whether they want to have a standard lease agreement or a month-to-month lease agreement. This decision is essential in property management as the lease agreement explains not only the rights and obligations of both parties but also the duration of the leasing period.  You may start with a […]


Why Landlords Might Consider a Month-To-Month Lease Instead

A month-to-month lease agreement allows the tenant or the landlord to give 15 days’ notice to vacate the property. Most month-to-month rental agreements are used to extend existing leases, but landlords and tenants can also sign a month-to-month lease from the start. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using month-to-month lease agreements. The Benefits […]

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5 Benefits of Full-Service Vacation Property Management

When you search for commercial property management firms online, you’ll get a long list of full-service rental agencies, vacation rental managers, and full-service vacation property management in the web search results.  Some companies merely deal with the physical property, while others are “full-service” and manage all the little details. Because no definition exists for any […]

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3 Important Things to Add to Your Rental Inspection Checklist

As a property owner running their rental, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is well-kept and balanced. There should be no dilapidated structures, no peeling wallpaper, no burst pipes, among other things.  The thing about keeping the rental home intact is that you must be able to check every section and crevice of […]


How to Retain Your Best Miami Rental Tenants: Our Guide

As a landlord, of course, you would want to have the best tenants on your property. The best tenants are those who are paying rent on time, easy to communicate with, responsive, understanding, and friendly to deal with. If you have this kind of tenant on your property, they are definitely for keeps. However, you […]

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Budget-Friendly Ways to Increase Property Rental Value

Any real estate management company nowadays can benefit from thinking of means to cut expenses. Similarly, for landlords, they also search for practical ways to increase their rental values. Fortunately, there are things property owners and managers can do to make increasing rental value possible. Just like any other type of business, investing in your […]

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4 Steps to Prepare for Emergency Rental Maintenance

Being a property manager is no easy feat. Aside from dealing with tenants and conducting regular maintenance, you also have to be ready to handle emergencies regarding your rental property.  The whole thing about emergencies is that you can’t really tell when they’re going to happen. So, the best you can do is to prepare. […]

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Safety Measures During the Fall Season in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida, has a unique weather pattern that differs from the rest of the country. For instance, snow is rare in this region. Still, the changing of the seasons involves a lot of planning and maintenance. More significantly, safety measures that need to be implemented come fall.  Since temperatures drop in Jacksonville during the winter […]

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