Our Guide to the Best Areas to Move Into in Jacksonville Florida

Are you looking for the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida to move into? First off, there are several great options for you to choose from. Jacksonville as a whole is a great city to live in, and it’s definitely a place you can settle down permanently in. 

However, to help you narrow down your choices, we’ll give you some of our top suggestions in terms of the best neighborhoods in the area. We’ll also talk about what you can expect when you decide to live in any of these fine neighborhoods in the sections below.

Now, in no particular order:



Riverside avenue has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in America. A visit to the area will quickly tell you why that is. You’ll find charming homes with aesthetics dating back to the early 20th century, but with all the comforts of modern-day living present. The community is composed mostly of young professionals and healthcare workers who work in the nearby St. Vincent’s Medical Center, and you’ll find that local businesses cater to a largely youthful demographic.


San Marco

This area was built in the 1920s and was inspired by old-world, Venitian design sensibilities. You can still see remnants of that in some of the area’s streets and attractions, and in many of the local establishments. Conversely, the locals are mostly young, and a vibrant art scene is evident in the area’s culture.


Orange Park

This area is known for its mostly rural appeal. Properties here tend to be large and surprisingly affordable. Commercial areas are also present, although not as developed as those found in other neighborhoods. You’ll find a calmer and slower-paced life if you decide to move here, and many of your would-be neighbors will be larger families.



This community was originally used as an industrial zone, but now residential buildings are slowly becoming the norm. It’s also a predominantly rural area due to its relative distance from the rest of the city. However, it’s close to the airport and other big attractions, and you’ll find no shortage of housing options when you decide to move here.


Jacksonville Beach

Perhaps one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city, Jacksonville Beach exudes a life of fun in the sun while still having easy access to all the amenities one might expect from a premium location. The locals are diverse, which is no surprise when you consider the allure of living close to the ocean. Other similar beach communities include Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach.



A new and bustling community that has gained increasing popularity in recent years, Jacksonville’s Southside is a family-friendly haven that’s set to see new developments in the near future. Houses here range from modest to luxurious, and the infrastructure supports any type of lifestyle you’re looking to achieve.



Regardless of where you do decide to move, you can rest assured that your choice will equate to a high quality of life. Jacksonville features a mostly suburban vibe where residents can enjoy sunny days, amazing sights, awesome infrastructure, and a diverse range of attractions.

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