Acting as a Landlord or Hiring a Property Manager—Which is Better?

If your business involves investing in buying properties and renting them out to tenants looking for a place to stay, you could generate significant income to help pay for your mortgage in time. Other than that, it’s a great way to earn passive income without having to work hard every day just to make a living.

 However, an essential part of owning a rental property is deciding who will be the one to manage it for you—whether you want to become your own landlord or hire a professional, such as a property management company, to take over. Your decision will come down to what you think is best for you given your situation.

Choosing to become your own landlord will ultimately depend on your level of commitment and priorities and whether you can manage your property on your own. Meanwhile, opting for a property management firm lets you focus on other things, assured that you have an expert working for you. 

Keep reading below to find out what to expect whether you become your own landlord or choose to hire a professional instead.  

Acting as Landlord to Your Own Building

When you stand as your own landlord to look after your rental building, you must guarantee that you’re reliable and always available to meet your tenants’ needs. You can look forward to addressing their demands concerning the proper upkeep of the property, which usually involves minor to major repairs and replacements.

As a do-it-yourself landlord, you must have the right skills to accomplish your day-to-day responsibilities, satisfying every renter’s requests and giving them the best experience possible. Before anything else, finding tenants to occupy your units is crucial to a successful business.

 Individuals or families interested in moving into your property come from different backgrounds. When you’re lucky enough to gain a good tenant, they can make your job easier and free from hassle. You can avoid damages, unnecessary complaints, and late payments once you take tenant screening seriously and say yes to those you know will give you an easy time.

Ways to ensure the tenants you accept to live on your property include posting your vacant units on online communities and initiating proper background checks on interested renters. Moreover, you can price your rental building accordingly if you research and determine the current rental rates in the market to attract the type of renters that can live up to the costs.

Hiring a Property Management Company 

If you think you can’t become your own landlord because you have other duties to attend to, turn to a rental management company for expert assistance. Since they have the knowledge, expertise, and skills to handle all things related to looking after a property, you won’t have a problem letting them shoulder the tasks involved in your rental building.

They can take care of the tenant screening, market analysis, and property maintenance without struggling because, unlike you and the list of priorities you have to deal with, they can focus on the job alone. Property managers have all the time in the world to commit to watching over your building and generating the passive income you deserve.

In fact, they can bring even more value to your business by maximizing your rental income due to their professional understanding of the current market and how often prices fluctuate. As a result, they know the proper amount to settle for when putting up your unit listings for rent online.


While serving as your own landlord for your residential property can save you a lot of money, it won’t be ideal if you have other obligations to attend to and personal matters to manage. Seeking residential property management services may be a costly investment, but it’s worth noting that it brings fantastic results, such as having a professional supervise everything on your behalf. Now you don’t have to stress out about screening potential renters one by one, constantly running after your tenants for late payments, long-overdue property maintenance, and more.  

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