A Property Owner’s Guide to Online Leasing and Listing

Modern-day property leasing can now be done online since property investors and tenants are now more in touch with the digital space. However, you need to first learn about the potential challenges before accepting any online offer from a tenant. Doing so will allow you to secure lucrative leasing deals and easily compete in the modern real estate market.

This article will help property owners like you understand online listings and leasing. We will discuss what you need to know to connect with tenants easily. We will also equip you with the tools you need to get ahead of your competitors in the wider online real estate market. 

  • Consider your immediate connections before going online

One reason you are posting about your property online is to reach and screen many tenants. However, you can also rely on your immediate family or friends to recommend the right tenants. This will narrow down your search and help you secure a viable deal. You can also share the online leasing details with your friends and family to help you promote it. 

  • Use great written and visual content

You can attract more viable tenants online when your online property listing is promoted with great, concise written content and high-quality pictures. This will help your property stand out better in the online real estate market. You can either take the time to learn to do this yourself or hire a professional writer and photographer. 

  • Prioritize location-centered content for your online listing 

Online listings are more accessible to many tenants if they are put in a specific location. This allows the algorithm to prioritize your listing above other options online. Location-centered content helps you attract your ideal tenant.  For example, you can identify your property online as a house for rent in Jacksonville. This allows more Florida-based tenants to easily search and inquire about your listing. 

  • Widen your payment and document signing options

Online leasing is best executed with viable alternatives to paying fees and signing forms. Make sure you have a wide range of options available for your tenants so they can easily accomplish things remotely. This will also help you speed up the process of renting out your property. Be receptive to your tenants’ suggestions and be open about important deadlines. 

  • Verify your tenant’s current location and their timeline for moving in

Online leasing may be convenient for your tenants, but you also have to make sure that they are on track to move in. During the tenant screening process, ask for their current location, how many will be staying on your property, and their most ideal date for moving in. Their answers will help you lock in your investments with your property as you decide on your ideal tenant. 

  • Screen your tenants online through video conferencing 

Online leasing should always be accompanied by a virtual face-to-face meeting. This will allow you to assess the tenant more personally. However, there are limitations to online means of communication, so you might want to take the initiative to schedule a personal meeting before concluding the leasing process. 

  • Consult with a professional property management company 

Online property management services like leasing and promoting listings may be more accessible, but they also make the real estate market more challenging. You may also be eager to try new online tools, but time-tested methods and experience still define successful property leasing. Entrust your leasing to a property management company today, as you can also take advantage of their efficient tenant placement service. 


Being a modern-day property owner, you need to learn how to find viable tenants and accomplish the leasing process online. With all the previously mentioned tips considered, you may also need some professional assistance. Consult with a professional property management company today to get a lucrative leasing deal, whether online or offline. 

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