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7 Tips for Finding the Best Tenants

Managing a property is rewarding, and it is also a lot of work. One of the hardest and most challenging parts of owning or managing a building is finding tenants. A bad tenant isn’t just a headache, he/she could end up costing you thousands of dollars in fees, maintenance and other costs. At Quest Real Estate, LLC., we offer tenant placement services for landlords in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

It can be a hassle finding tenants, especially good quality tenants – that’s where we come in. What is included in our tenant placement services?

Since our experts at Quest Real Estate have more than 20 years of combined experience in providing tenant placement services, we wanted to share with you some tips of finding the best tenants for your residential property or commercial property.

How to Get the Right Tenants for Your Property

Create a great advertisement – The rental space, whether residential or commercial, should practically sell itself with the ad. Take lots of quality photos. Be descriptive in the details about the space. Don’t leave important information out.

Work with a Jacksonville Property Management Company

A property management company can make finding tenants easy. Even if you follow all the tips above, the process is still time-consuming and possibly stressful. With 20 years of tenant placement experience under our belts, we know how to handle the process from start to finish. If you want quality tenants, it’s time you hire a property management company for your property or properties.

Not only do we offer tenant placement services, but we can manage your property, as well.  We will communicate with tenants from their first day to their last. Our team develops a close relationship with tenants. We have been helping landlords and owners as a property management company since 1985.

With our aggressive marketing, advertising, property showings and background checks, we will find you great tenants. As a property management company, we prepare leases, have 24-hour emergency maintenance, collect rent, and more.

If you’re looking for a Jacksonville property management company  to manage your property or find you tenants, let Quest Real Estate help you!  Email us or call 904-373-9171 for more information.

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