4 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Property on the Florida Coast

Purchasing a property in Jacksonville, Florida, is a significant investment but simultaneously presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. Within the city limits of this location, there are numerous exciting things to do, see, and explore. The obvious first step is finding suitable homes for sale in Jacksonville, FL. While it may seem straightforward, there’s plenty to consider before you make your final decision. Here at Quest Real Estate, we’ve used our experience to compile these four important when shopping around in the Florida Coast:

1. Consider How Much Insurance You’ll Be Paying

Don’t let the picture-perfect weather fool you into thinking the place is immune to harsh weather. Floods and hurricanes are prevalent in Florida, and the best way to prepare for them is to acquire a home built to resist high winds and purchase the appropriate homeowner’s insurance. Don’t forget to include additional insurance fees in your final budget when calculating how much you can spend each month for your mortgage.

Because it was built to the most recent building code restrictions, insurance is often lower if you buy a home built in 2002 or newer. Calling insurance providers to inquire about homes you’re interested in is always a good idea. If you’re deciding between two houses, any insurance agent should be pleased to offer you a quick cost comparison.

2. Consider the Possibility of Hurricanes

Recent hurricane seasons have made Floridians far more aware of the importance of securing their houses. Inquire about impact-resistant windows, hurricane shutters (only specific types offer an insurance discount), exterior doors, and garage doors when you’re out shopping. Any of these items can be changed, although hurricane-resistant windows and doors are substantially more expensive, and apertures may need to be strengthened as well. If a hurricane is expected, you’ll also want to decide whether you’ll need to evacuate your new house. The evacuation zones are typically near the coastline, the Intracoastal canal, and eastern neighbourhoods.

3. Consider the Amount of Property Tax You’ll Be Paying

Property taxes are reduced for owner-occupied residences in Florida. The homestead exemption exempts the first $25,000 from all taxes and an additional $25,000 from all taxes except school taxes, which you must apply for after closing. While your property is evaluated at market value for tax reasons, the amount your value can climb each year for tax purposes is limited to 3%. (though improvements can raise the value more). The property is reassessed when a new owner takes over, and the new owner pays at that value. 

4. Consider the Different Types of Real Estate Agents in Florida

When buying a home in Florida, you’ll almost certainly need the assistance of a real estate agent. However, one of the first things to think about is who the agent represents. In Florida, an agent can be a “single agent,” representing either the buyer or the seller but not both, while a “transaction broker” represents a buyer and a seller. A transaction broker can assist both parties in completing the transaction, but they cannot represent one against the other.


Living on the Florida coast is like living in a fantasy. Beautiful beaches, clear skies, and a vibrant community are all things you want to be a part of. However, before you jump in, make sure you’ve adequately weighed the potential negatives of living in this area.

There’s plenty more where that came from! Quest real estate is the leading property management in Jacksonville, FL, and is more than capable of walking you through a property purchase on the coast. For more information, contact us today!