3 Ways to Avoid Eviction

Whether you’re a landlord or property owner, finding good tenants can be a headache. For many, a good tenant is hard to come by. What makes a good tenant? Although this answer is subjective, there are some universal qualities landlords and property owners could agree upon such as someone who is responsible, is respectful, pays rent on time, is honest, and is clean.

Looking for a tenant can be a hassle, but you want to spend time doing this process, so you can avoid drama, financial losses, or even an eviction process. For this article, our team at Quest Real Estate wanted to share with you some tips and ways to avoid a possible eviction. Remember, evictions aren’t always easy; they take time, and an unhappy tenant can potentially harm your property due to frustration against you.

How to Avoid the Wrong Kind of Tenants

1. Screen the tenants – If you want to avoid finding a bad tenant, the screening process is key. You should have potential tenants fill out a rental application; this application will help determine if the applicant is suited for the rental property. After you choose a tenant based on the application, run a background check and credit check to make sure their information is true, and that they are financially responsible. Look up public records. Make sure they earn enough money to afford the rent. Find out who else will be living with this tenant. In addition, ask for a list of references (some previous landlords if possible) to get a good judge on the applicant’s character, rental past and even cleanliness. Trust us, you don’t want to explain to your new tenant how to declutter your home all the time.

2. Keep the property up-to-date, clean, and working – If you own a run down, unreliable property, you may not attract the best tenants. If your tenants are upset with the current condition of the property or lack of repairs, they may fail to pay rent or try and break the lease.

3. Communication is crucial – There should be strong communication between a landlord/tenant. Tenants want to feel heard. If a tenant feels ignored, they may not pay rent, pay late or start to neglect the property. A good relationship with tenants can help you keep the right tenants in your property.

Work with A Property Management Company in Jacksonville, Fl

3 Ways to Avoid Eviction and How to Avoid the Wrong Kind of Tenants At the end of the day, you want to bring in tenants who are responsible and reliable. Since the tenant search can be a daunting task, why not have professionals do it for you? At Quest Real Estate, we don’t just offer a full range of rental property management services, we also offer tenant placement services. If you don’t want the hassle of having to locate, qualify, and screen the ideal tenant, working with us is a great solution.

So, if you’re in need of a good tenant, have a property management company bring the quality tenants right to you. Good tenants do exist! Our Jacksonville property management company, Quest Real Estate, LLC, is a team of experts with more than 20 years of combined experience in providing tenant placement services. From advertising your listings and screenings to showings and preparing paperwork, we will facilitate and coordinate every step of the tenant search for you to make the process painless and easy for you.

If you’re looking for a quality tenant, let Quest help you. Email us today or call 904-373-9171 for more information.