3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Property Inspector – Our Guide

For anyone who enlists the help of a property management company to handle tenants and keep everything in line, it’s clear that every avenue must be taken to ensure the effectiveness of one’s investment. 

If you want to hire such a service to handle your landlord’s responsibilities, it’s essential to ensure that everything is being done the right way so that your income and property remain intact. As straightforward as the idea of hiring a property manager may be, however, chances are that you’re still putting yourself at risk of experiencing a few hurdles along the way.

Fortunately, even the most inexperienced owners can still mitigate the troubles of handling tenants while ensuring that a company is doing its job through the help of regular property inspections. 


What are property inspections?

They are a key practice that anyone hiring the services of a property management company can use to ensure that everything is going according to plan. When those who enlist the help of such services don’t necessarily have the time to be on a property 24/7 to monitor what’s happening, this key practice helps keep everything in tip-top shape. 

Sure, it might seem like knowing that there’s a manager is enough to say that everything is well, but the truth is that not everything may be going according to plan even if there are no complaints and the payments are made on time. A thorough inspection helps map out any potential problems by cutting out the risk of incorrect assumptions and potential unreported property damage. 

With these inspections, thousands of property owners in Jacksonville have been able to avoid misunderstandings, save on costly repairs, and remedy problems caused by poor tenant behavior. 


A few questions you should ask before hiring a property inspector

While it may be clear that a proper inspection will keep your property in perfect shape while a manager handles everything for you, there are a few questions you should ask before settling on a service provider: 


1. “How often do you inspect a property?

Generally, property inspection firms follow a specific procedure and frequency when it comes to their services. 

Asking exactly how often an inspector will check your property is essentially a form of affirmation that you’re getting your money’s worth. Upgraded packages, however, provide twice or thrice-a-year inspections that are guaranteed to keep occupants accountable for the condition of your property!


2. “Are you responsive to repair requests?

For any competent property inspection service, a repair request is essentially a warning sign that must be tended to right away. This is why the rate and responsiveness they have to a situation will make a key difference in your experience. When a major repair request is made, it’s important for an inspector to respond right away because it provides a crucial opportunity to inspect other parts of a property to document additional issues!

3.How quickly do you send out inspection reports?

Generally, the time difference between when a problem is found during an inspection and when the full report is sent to you is a critical time difference that will determine your maintenance efforts. If an inspector takes too long to send you the detailed inspection report, you may end up acting too late and paying far more for a repair than you would if you found out earlier.



With the help of a dependable property inspector, you can help keep your piece of real estate in perfect shape without worrying about any lapses coming from your hired property manager. By considering the questions above when searching for a service provider that best suits your needs, you’ll be able to cut out any trial and error work and protect your listing from the get-go!

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